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Vanessa Kenoyer

Ben Grisso

Vanessa became a formal student of Adi Da Samraj in her early 20's, after finding one of his books while searching for spiritual instruction. She went on to live and serve close to Adi Da as his personal cook. Vanessa now lives in Northern California near one of his Sanctuaries.

Vanessa runs and owns a baking business making raw vegan, gluten free treats, specializing in wedding cakes, raw chocolates and desserts.

Ben was born and raised in the community of Avatar Adi Da's students. He spent the last 20 years working with and fabricating the monumental artistic works created by Adi Da Samraj during his lifetime. 

Ben attended The Academy Of Art in San Francisco and works in the visual fine arts field.

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About Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj devoted His life to the realization and communication of Truth—what He called the “Bright”, Prior Unity, or the Indivisible Reality in which we all appear. He communicated that Truth through many means—literary, artistic, and spiritual. His numerous books of spiritual, philosophical, social, and practical wisdom are widely acknowledged as among the most insightful spiritual teachings of the modern world. His artistic works—including many monumental-scale images—are exhibited in key locations around the world. 

During His lifetime, Adi Da touched and transformed the lives of many thousands of secular and religious seekers, founding a new sacred tradition—the Reality-Way of Adidam—for those who respond most seriously to His spiritual calling, and enter into a formal devotional and spiritual relationship with Him. Sacred centers and foundations have been established internationally. Through all these gifts and more, Adi Da’s blessing communication continues to be powerfully active and alive.

Monthly Conversations on Conscious Light

In recent decades, yoga and meditation have become a regular part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Through these and other so-called "spiritual" practices, people develop stronger bodies, more personal discipline, better health, better relationships, and the ability to better manage the stress of modern life. But what if these benefits are not enough? What if it has become clear to you that, despite your best efforts, life does not, and cannot ever, "work out" to produce lasting satisfaction and immunity to the inherent suffering and mortality of life.

In conversation with webinar hosts Ben Grisso and Vanessa Kenoyer, we'll consider the limits of “personal growth” and bettering oneself. The webinar will include several video excerpts of Adi Da Samraj talking about the necessity of a "positive disillusionment" with the limits of this life, required by human beings before they can enter into a truly free and liberating spiritual process.

All the world’s great spiritual traditions and teachings are now available for anyone to study—in books, on websites and podcasts, in seminars and weekend workshops.

Given the present-day assumption that one can “do it yourself,” why have all the world’s spiritual traditions emphasized the relationship with a teacher as a necessity for serious spiritual practice? Can’t any intelligent and self-reflective individual just study the wisdom and instructions the great teachers have left behind and get on with real practice on their own? Are we missing something about the traditional relationship with a teacher, and why it has been so highly valued?

The discussion will include:

• What the “do it yourself” approach doesn’t take into account about spiritual practice and realization.
• Why all spiritual traditions value the relationship with a spiritual realizer.
• How to choose and benefit from a spiritual teacher

The presentation includes video of Avatar Adi Da Samraj talking about the importance of the traditional relationship between spiritual teachers and their students. Vanessa Kenoyer and Max Rykov will be presenting.

Are Spiritual Teachers Still Necessary? 
What Can a Teacher Do for Me that I Can’t Do for Myself?

This Place Is Not--Nor Will It Ever Be--a Utopia




Unlike many teachers, Adi Da Samraj does not merely teach yoga or meditation techniques. Instead—in the ancient and sacred guru-devotee tradition—he offers a direct relationship with those who are attracted to him, his teaching, and the Reality-Way of Adidam. And those who choose to enter into a relationship with Adi Da—through reading his writings, listening to his talks, or receiving his “Darshan” (sacred sighting)—find themselves receiving his direct transmission of happiness and freedom, individually and very directly.

In this webinar, two of Avatar Adi Da’s devotees will talk about how their relationship with Adi Da continues after his passing, in ways that are very tangible, and surprisingly present time. The webinar will include opportunities for participants to ask questions.

“I offer you a relationship, not a technique.”


Series Topics





Sunday, Nov. 17
9am pacific time / 5pm UK / 6pm Nederland

(Recommended for Americas & Europe)

  • - "I offer you a relationship, not a technique."
  • - This Place Is Not--Nor Will It Ever Be--a Utopia
  • - Are Spiritual teachers still necessary?

Sunday, Jan. 26
9am pacific
12noon eastern, 5pm UK

(Recommended for Americas & Europe)

Wednesday, Jan. 22
6pm pacific 
9pm eastern, (Thursday Jan 23 1pm Sydney / 3pm NZ)
(Recommended for Americas and Australia/NZ)

A Conversation About the Life and Teaching of Avatar Adi Da

These monthly webinars are a unique opportunity to better understand and consider Avatar Adi Da's Teaching on various topics. Each session includes:

  • - video talks of Adi Da Samraj
  • - personal stories and testimonials from longtime students
  • - open discussion to further consider these topics

For those brand new to Adi Da Samraj and his teaching, it is a great opportunity to learn and ask questions you might have about the film, or the way that he offers.

For those who have attended these events previously, we invite you to come back to consider these timeless rudimentary topics, as this is a living conversation.

This series is Free. All are welcome!

These three live online events consider Avatar Adi Da's Teaching on several relevant topics such as: 

Leah Fleisher became a formal devotee of Adi Da in 1991. She served Adi Da as a physical therapist over many years and was the subject of one of Adi Da's photographic suites.  

Leah lives in Maryland. She is a licensed physical therapist and Pilates-based rehabilitation instructor. She teaches injury prevention workshops for musicians and is a freelance harpist.

Leah Fleisher

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Max Rykov

Max Rykov became a formal devotee of Adi Da Samraj in 2009 after being introduced to His teachings by a close friend. After graduating college at the University of Alabama, Max moved to the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary in Northern California to serve in the Adidam Library and write educational lessons on Adi Da's Wisdom about the world's religious and spiritual traditions, called The Basket of Tolerance.

Max currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama where he works in government communications and fundraising for non-profit organizations.


Sunday, Feb. 23
9am pacific
12noon eastern, 5pm UK

(Recommended for Americas & Europe)

Wednesday, Feb. 19
6pm pacific 
9pm eastern, (Thursday Jan 23 1pm Sydney / 3pm NZ)
(Recommended for Americas and Australia/NZ)



"Spiritual Life Is Not A Consolation"

Cost: Free

Cost: Free

Dennis Coccaro

Dennis has been a devotee of Adi Da since the late 1970's, primarily based in New York City.  His first formal Darshan (Sighting) of Adi Da was in 1979 spending much time over the years on retreat in Adi Da's Company.  He has served as educator, priest and outreach manager in response to Adi Da and the Gifts and Blessings He Gives. 

Dennis' background is in education, working as a hospital financial manager in NYC for most of his career.  Now retired, he serves full time in education and cultural services for Adidam New York and the worldwide community.

When individuals take up something to do with spirituality, they are usually looking for techniques to have more balance, feel better in the body, calm the mind, rid oneself of stress etc. However, Adi Da Samraj clarifies that real Spiritual practice is not about "feeling good."  Especially in the beginning of one’s spiritual practice, there is an intense purification of all limits on feeling. It is this limitation of feeling that has to be purified and transformed for the real spiritual process to take hold.

In this webinar, devotees Leah Fleisher and Max Rykov will talk about how Adi Da works uniquely with each individual to serve the process of brightening and spiritual transformation. The presenters will share elements of Adi Da's wisdom to describe what occurs when one is allowing for reception of Adi Da's spiritual transmission. This webinar is a conversation and participants are encouraged to share their response or ask questions.

Wednesday, March 25
6pm pacific, 
9pm eastern, 
(Thursday Mar 26 3pm Sydney / 2pm NZ)
(Recommended for Americas and Australia/NZ)

Sunday, March 29
9am pacific, 
12noon eastern, 5pm UK, 6pm Holland

(Recommended for Americas & Europe)